Ball Float Steam Traps, Ball Float Steam Trap Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Description :

This is the simplest form of a ball float trap, with the float attached to the end of a rod. The opposite end of the rod is attached to a discharge valve.

When condensate fills the body of the trap, the float rises which gradually open the discharge valve. Float traps are designed for low & medium Pressure steam heating and process equipment.

Technical Specifications :

Size : 15 NB (1/2"), 20 NB (3/4"), 25 NB (1")
End Connections : Screwed BSP
Operating Parameters :

Max. Allowable Pressure 16.0 Kg / Cm2
Max. Allowable Temperature Max 220°C
Differential Pressure Range 4.5 Kg / Cm2 , 10.0 Kg/Cm2 , 14.0 Kg / Cm2

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