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Description :

The Precision Controls Flow Check Valve (FCV) Wafer Pattern is designed to be sandwiched between flanges. They are suitable for various fluids in process lines, hot water systems, steam & condensate systems etc.

Installation :

Disc Check Valves must be fitted according to the direction of flow. When fitted with a spring they can be installed in any way (i.e. horizontally or vertically), but when supplied without spring, they must be fitted vertically with the fluid flowing from the bottom to top

Note: Flanges Are Not in Our Scope

Technical Specifications :

Sizes Available 15, 25, 32, 40 & 50 NB
Installation Suitable with ASA Class 150, 300 & 600
Options IBR / Non-IBR
Carbon steel (A216 WCB) with SS Internals

Operating Parameters :

Body Design Conditions As per ASA Class 600
Max. Working Pressure 101 kg/cm2 at 38oC
Max. Working Temp 427oC at 59kg/cm2

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