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Description :

Our Thermodynamic Steam Trap has a cyclic on-off operation which works with the help of a disc. The disc is pushed open by incoming condensate and closes tightly when the steam tries to escape.

Our trap consists of an inbuilt strainer to protect itself from contamination, and a hardened stainless steel seat and disc for extended life service. The screen can also be replaced at any given point of time. Although our traps will perform in any direction, horizontal is preferred. Our traps are ideal for fluctuating load and pressure.

Technical Specifications :

Size 15, 20 & 25 NB and Higher on Request
Rating IBR Approved ANSI Class 800
Options IBR / Non-IBR
CA 40 (For better mechanical properties and corrosion resistance)
End Connections Screwed BSP

Operating Parameters :

Max. Allowable Pressure 85 kg/cm2
Max. Allowable Temperature Max 427oC

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