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Description :

Our Pressure Relief Safety Valve is designed as a Pop-Up type valve. On exceeding the set pressure, the valve opens to discharge the excess built-up pressure. After relieving the excess pressure, the valve automatically returns to its original position. The bronze internals (Seat & Plug) ensure that there is no leakage while the valve is in operation. By replacing only the spring, it is possible to change the set pressure range.

Technical Specifications :

Size 15 NB, 20 NB, 25 NB, 40 NB, & 50 NB.
End Connections Screwed BSP
IBR Certificate Available For IBR Applications
Also Available For Air Application
Max. Operating Temperature 235oC
Available Range Min. Blow Off Pressure 0.35 kg/cm2
Max. Blow Off Pressure 17.5 kg/cm2

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