Manufacturer and Exporter of the following products in Pune, Maharashtra, India:

Pneumatic Control Valves, Piston Valves ( SW/SCR ), Piston Valves ( Flanged End ), Cast Steel Y Type Strainers (Screwed Ends / Socket Weld) , Cast Steel Y Type Strainers (Flanged End), Moisture Separators, Pressure Relief Cast Steel Safety Valves, Steam Pressure Reducing Stations, PRS, Flow Check Valves, PRDS Valves, Combined Pressure Reducing Cum De-Superheating Valves, Steam Traps, Forged Valves, Three Way Control Valves, Pressure Relief Safety Valves, Condensate Return Pump Systems, Flash Steam Separators, Ball Float Steam Traps

Quality Philosophy

Mahavas PRECISION CONTROLS Pvt. Ltd. ( formerly Known as PRECISION CONTROLS ) Commitment to TQM (Total Quality Management ) is unwaring and we accredited to      ISO 9001 Management Systems.

We at Mahavas PRECISION CONTROLS Pvt. Ltd. Commit to consistently meet and exceed our customer's quality expectations of product and service at competitive costs in     an environment fostering continous improvement of products, processes safety, health and environment.

Customer satisfaction and confidence are the benchmarks with which we at Precision control define and measure our success and growth, this is evident by the number of      repeat customers with whom we conduct business.

Precision Controls Products are produced in strict compliance with the quality management system requirements and in conformance with the engineering codes in practice and relevant standards.

Our Company polices and management systems undergo periodic reviews and improvements to ensure that we maintain our TQM objectives.

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