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Description :

Our Combined Pressure Reducing & De-Superheating Station uses a revolutionary single piece design to eliminate all the constraints associated with two-piece systems like – Poor & inefficient mixing of cooling water, water-hammer, wet steam etc.

Every PRDS System is custom engineered to suit your exact pressure and temperature requirements. Both - steam & temperature - reduction (i.e. De-Superheating) are done in a single valve, making it an extremely efficient, cost effective and compact system.

All upstream & downstream pipe work & fittings are adequately sized to ensure that only the required pressure drop occurs across the control valve itself.

Our stations are also easy to maintain.

Technical Specifications :

Size : 15 NB x 15 NB to 300 NB x 500 NB and Higher size as per Requirement.
Rating : IBR approved ANSI Class 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500 & higher on request
MOC : Carbon Steel (A216 Gr. WCB) / Alloy Steel (A217 Gr. WC6/WC9) / A182 (F11/F22)
End connections
Flanged / Butt Weld / Socket Weld
Options IBR / Non IBR
Piping MOC A106 Gr. B, A335 P11 / P22 / P91

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