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Pneumatic Control Valves

Control valve are designed for standard industrial control applications with high pressure drops & critical operating condition. Its parabolic plug with high loadable shaft guiding on top makes it suitable for extreme operating conditions. Multi step perforated plug are offered for high differential pressure and pressure balanced plug for high actuator thrust force. Valve can fitted with pneumatic actuators for a variety of applications.

We can design valves to meet your specific requirement, operating parameters. For special Kv We can design special type of plug like pressure balanced plug / 2-3 step plug perforated / parabolic design.

Valves are available with hand wheel if required.
Size : 15 NB to 300 NB
Rating : IBR approved ANSI Class 150, 300 , 600 , 900 , 1500 & higher on request
Body Materials : Carbon Steel (A216 Gr WCB) / Alloy Steel (A217 Gr WC6) / SS (CF 8M)
End connections :
Flanged or Butt weld
Leakage Class : ANSI B 16.104 CL IV
Range Ability 40 : 1
Trim Design Parabolic / Liner / Equal % Characteristics
Other special designs on request. M. -Perforated trims/ 2 Step for high pressure Qrop Pressure balanced plug
Bonnet Standard / Extended Cooling Fins

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