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Description :

Our Control Valves are designed to meet your specific requirements and operating parameters.

These valves are designed for standard industrial control applications with high pressure drops & critical operating conditions. Our Control Valves are fitted with pneumatic actuators for a variety of applications.

Please Note: Valves are available with Hand-wheel if required.

Technical Specifications :

Size : 15 NB to 300 NB
Rating IBR approved ANSI Class 150, 300 , 600 , 900 , 1500 & higher on request
Body Materials : Carbon Steel (A216 Gr. WCB) / Alloy Steel (A217 Gr. WC6) / SS (CF8M)
End connections :
Flanged or Butt weld
Leakage Class ANSI / FCI 70.2
Range Ability 40 : 1
Bonnet Standard / Extended Cooling Fins

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