Manufacturer and Exporter of the following products in Pune, Maharashtra, India:

Pneumatic Control Valves, Piston Valves ( SW/SCR ), Piston Valves ( Flanged End ), Cast Steel Y Type Strainers (Screwed Ends / Socket Weld) , Cast Steel Y Type Strainers (Flanged End), Moisture Separators, Pressure Relief Cast Steel Safety Valves, Steam Pressure Reducing Stations, PRS, Flow Check Valves, PRDS Valves, Combined Pressure Reducing Cum De-Superheating Valves, Steam Traps, Forged Valves, Three Way Control Valves, Pressure Relief Safety Valves, Condensate Return Pump Systems, Flash Steam Separators, Ball Float Steam Traps

Technical Specifications :

Sizes Available 15 NB, 20 NB, 25 NB, 40 NB, & 50 NB.
Rating IBR Approved ANSI Class 800
Options IBR / Non-IBR
Cast Steel Body With SS Screen (40 & 80 Mesh)
Max. Temperature 427o C.
Operating Parameters:

Screwed BSPT
Max. Working Pressure 35 kg/cm2

Socket Weld
Max. Working Pressure 45 kg/cm2

For ASA 1500 Socket Weld
Max. Working Pressure 238 kg/cm2

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